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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


It's time again for the State Fair of Texas! I love the State Fair! I'm proud to say I have been every year of my life, including the year my mother was pregnant with me! For me, skipping a year would be like skipping my birthday or Christmas. Just not acceptable!

In it's 121st year, this years State Fair (the 1st was in Oct 1886) runs Sept 28 - Oct 21. For more info, call the State Fair Information Line at 214-565-9931 or visit the web site at

And speaking of Big Tex, here's some things about the world biggest cowboy that even dedicated State Fair goers might not know:

Big Tex started out as Santa Claus, installed as a 1949 Christmas promotion in Kerens, Texas.
After a couple of years, the novelty wore off, and in 1951 State Fair President (and former mayor) R.L. Thornton made a deal to purchase Santa for $750. After a makeover by Dallas artist and stage designer Jack Bridges, Big Tex made his debut at the 1952 State Fair of Texas.

Big Tex was kind of shy and quiet at first, but started talking in 1953. He received an extreme makeover in 1997 resulting in a more mature Tex showing a little gray in his sideburns and the addition of a friendly wave. His earlier armature was tossed and he was fitted with a new, cage-like skeleton consisting of 4,200 feet of steel rods weighing 3 tons. In 2000 he began moving his head.

Big Tex is a popular guy! In addition to local, regional and international news coverage, Big Tex also "co-starred" with Ann-Margaret in the locally shot remake of the movie "State Fair."

Tex's current clothier of choice is Fort Worth based Williamson-Dickie. Every few years, the wear and tear of the Texas climate necessitates all new clothes. The years in between his clothes are dry cleaned before the Fair. Here's some of Tex's measurements:
Height: 52 ft tall
Chest: 31 ft * Biceps: 7 ft 8 in * Hands: 3 ft long
Boots: 7 ft 7 in tall * Boot Size: 70
Head: 8 ft from chin to top * Hat Size 75 Gallon
Pants inseam: 16 ft
Sleeves: 22 ft * Waist 23 1/2 ft * Shirt Collar: 12 1/2 ft

Since 2002, Richardson based vocal talent Bill Bragg has supplied the voice for Big Tex.

Make sure to stop by and say "Howdy" to the big guy when you make your trip to the Fair this year.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Check out this post from Chuck Nevitt;

For those wondering about tickets and other info to the upcoming DNABLUES BALL on Nov 24th, the official website is up. Please, if itisn't too much to ask, pass this website along to your friends thatlike the blues--as well as those who'd like to help free the innocent.We'll likely be adding more performers as the date gets nearer, with asurprise or two.