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Friday, August 21, 2009

Bob Dylan Makes A Switch - Freeman Out, Sexton Back In

Just read this note on the Continental Club's "Continental Confidential" weekly newsletter:

Austin guitarist Charlie Sexton was offered his old job back in Bob Dylan's band, replacing another Texas guitar great, Denny Freeman. Freeman may not have seen the last of Dylan, since Dylan himself said that he may be calling him back. I'm sure Charlie is pleased to be back with Dylan, and Denny says "Well at least it's Charlie."

Well, it's like I always say, no band lasts forever.


What does this mean for the newly reformed ARC Angels? Will we EVER get that new CD now?

Will Denny Freeman head back to Dallas? Will we get to see him start playing more gigs in the DFW area?

Stay tuned folks.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Just to let you know I'll be hosting KNON's Blues Chili Boogie Party coming up on Sunday, August 30th from 5 pm until 9 pm at Pearl in downtown Dallas, starring Texas Slim, JJ & The Detonators and Jackie Don Loe!

Texas Slim has a brand new CD out this month on the Topcat label. Jackie Don Loe also releases a CD this month, his first, titled "Tracks". And JJ & the Detonators are a new band consisting of some veteran Fort Worth Bluesmen - Jumpin' Jerry Clark on guitar, Even Steven Springer on drums and Cadillac Johnson on bass. Handling the vocal and harmonica duties is George Brock Jr, son of St. Louis blues legend Big George Brock.

The Chapman Chile Kitchen will be supplying the food - Chili (both spicy and mild), Frito Pie, Hot Wings, Legendary Stuffed Jalapenos and Wackman Cookies.

Advance tickets are only $6, and includes the live blues as well as the food. Tickets at the door will be $10, so get your tickets now, in advance, by going to the KNON web site at

For more information on the incredible blues musicians you'll be hearing/seeing: (make sure and check out their "About Us" link)

Directions and information about Pearl:

Fabulous blues and delicious food at an unbelievable price!! Mark your calendar and get your tickets now!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Politics are important. Many, many brave men and women have given thier lives so that you and I can exercise our freedom of choice daily in the USA.

So, please, before you utter one word about the Healthcare Reform bill, for the love of God, read it first.
This has been a public service message from Blue Lisa because she thinks you should develop your own opinion based on fact instead of some crap you see or hear in the media.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sometimes You Just Need A Laugh

Amanda, the World Traveler, Part 3

Amanda comes home Thursday. But of course my little hard rocker couldn't leave London without visiting the original Hard Rock Cafe - in her KNON t-shirt, of course!

Have to admit, we're both hugely into punk!

That's a guitar from the Red Hot Chili Peppers she's holding. Don't EVEN want to know how she got her hands on it!

Her idol, Billy Idol!

Amanda with a guitar from Bob Dylan.

I took her to her first Hard Rock when she was not quite a month old, so the Hard Rock feels like home! First stop when she come home - the new Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas!