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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Many thanks to Jackie Don Loe for the tribute he did this morning on my show for Ray T. Myers.

Here is the service information he gave on air:

The Wake for Ray T. Myers will be held Friday, July 28 at the Golden Gate Funeral Home in Oak Cliff at I35 and Ann Arbor from 7:15 pm until 8:15 pm.

The funeral will be Saturday, July 29 at the True Love Missionary Baptist Church located at 3711 Humphrey Dr., Dallas 75216 214-371-5932

Burial to follow at Lincoln Memorial Park.

Jackie Don will also be presenting another tribute this evening on Ginger's Texas Blues Radio show that is on air at KNON from 6 pm until 8 pm.

And later tonight, I believe between 10pm and 11 pm, he will be doing a call in interview with Ernie Johnson on his show, which I believe is on KKDA. (If I'm wrong about the station, someone let me know and I'll correct this.)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Services for Sam Myers will held at the Sandra Clarke Funeral Home in Oak Cliff, Texas (6029 South R.L. Thornton Freeway, phone 214-371-2600)

There will be a visitation on Thursday evening, July 20th, from 6 pm until 9 pm.

Funeral services will be on Friday, July 21st at 11 am.

Sam's body will then be sent to Jackson, Mississippi for a second service and then Sam will be laid to rest in Mississippi where his Mom and Dad are buried. Both passed away in the last year.

Sam's passing is mentioned on the front page of the Dallas Morning News today, directing you to Section G - The Guide Live page, where there is a touching tribute article on the front page. Thor Christensen did a nice job on the story, but my favorite part was the caption on page 5G where the story continues "Tender, gentle guy was known for his gruff exterior."

If you knew Sam, you know how true this is. If you didn't, well the stories of what happened to those who annoyed him are legendary.

People always ask, but personally, I never wondered where Sam got that "Sweet" tag. During and for quite a while after my divorce Sammy and Joe Jonas took me under their wing, allowing me to cry and fret under their watchful eyes, never making light of my self-absorbed plight, all the while knowing I'd be OK. (I loved the all knowing comment of my good friend Andrea Dawson during this time, "When you're going through something like this you think "But my pain is DIFFERENT! My pain is WORSE!") When Sam left on tour shortly after he made a point of calling Joe to check on me "Have you seen Blue Lisa? Is she Ok?" I found it so touching that he and Joe both would be so worried about me. And that Sam would take the time to check on me.

Sam encouraged me to start a new band, and boy did THAT spark some spirited discussions about what guitar player to use! (Sam had some, shall we say, rather STRONG opinions on guitar players!) Before his illness made it impractical for him to be out, he even showed up for a few of the first gigs. Upon seeing him arrive, I'd always go to him and threaten him not to terrorize my guitarist. To which he would reply only with that wicked laugh of his! It's amazing I got anyone to play with me at all!

He always liked my niece, Amanda. One truth about Sam's blindness was that he could see well enough to see a pretty girl! Sam always liked to keep company with the prettiest girl in the room, and when Amanda was there, she was it. In those days, I was living in the same apartment complex as Sam, and when Amanda came to visit and we came out to swim, Sam always poked his head out his front door and invited Amanda in for ice cream. Sam always had ice cream! I have some great pictures I took on one of the "Bowling With Sammy" nights where 69 year old Sam is showing 16 year old Amanda how to bowl, and yes, I got one of him "blessing" her bowling ball! After Sam was well into his treatment for cancer, a tumor was discovered in Amanda's side. Thank God it ended up being benign, but I'll never forget the night I told Sam about it over at the Hole in the Wall - he started crying. In the middle of all of his own pain and suffering, he was worried about Amanda. How can you not love a man like that?

My favorite memories of Sammy will always be the ones that happened outside the view of the public eye - afternoons and evenings sitting around his apartment (usually eating) or driving to a show, listening to him tell his stories. I've got literally hundreds of memories of Sam that have flooded me over the last 24 hours in my grief - some have made me cry, some have made me laugh. Huh. Just like Sam. Some stories I have and will continue to tell. But some I will keep to myself, just for me and Sam. As much as he adored the limelight, he also had a very private side. I think I honor him best by keeping some of those private moments private.

I will always be grateful for the honor of his picking my radio show for the world debut of his solo CD "Coming From The Old School". We can all keep part of Sam alive and with us forever by playing his music, which I'll be doing this Thursday on my show, like I have almost every Thursday for going on 7 years. (When he was in town, he was always listening. And quick to call me if I didn't play his music, or made a mistake when talking about someone elses.)

But the next time I feel the urge to smack a guitar player, there will be no one for me to call to encourage me to do just that. Pity. For me, it will never be the same. Our friendship was never really about the music. It was about love and trust. The music was just a bonus.

Sam loved to laugh, and was sharp as a tack right to the very end. So I think the best way to end my ramblings here is to tell one of my favorite Sammy stories.

Several years ago Hash Brown had a weekly jam in the basement of a short lived club in downtown Dallas. I had been called up and was exasperatingly trying to turn the main PA speakers in a little so there would be at least a chance I could hear myself when I started to sing.
Hash NEVER has monitors. It drives me nuts!

So when I got to the mic, I started in. "You know, last night I had a dream I died and went to heaven and Hash Brown had monitors at his jam." From way in the back of the room, far out of my sight, came the unmistakable voice of Sam Myers. "Honey", he said "If Hash was there, you weren't in heaven." The whole room, including Hash, burst into laughter.

It would be wrong to say I'm GOING to miss you Sammy. I miss you already. I feel an emptiness in my heart and soul you only feel when you lose someone you love and who loves you back. Thanks for everything Sam.

Monday, July 17, 2006


I have just received word that Sam Myers has passed away.

Shock and grief prevent me from saying much else. This is the moment I have feared for many months now as Sam fought and won his battle with cancer.

When I have details of a viewing or funeral services, I will pass them on to you.

Sam lived for his music. If there is comfort to be found today my friends, it is in the Blues that Sam loved so very much.

Thursday, July 13, 2006


More about that when I've had a little time to recover! I've only had about 5 hours sleep in the last 48 hours, and have to get ready in about an hour for the radio show!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


It's 3:45 in the afternoon on a sunny, breezy, warm day here in Aberdeen, Scotland, and I'm listening to Cheryl Arena fill in for me real time from the link at the web site!

This trip has really crystallized several things for me personally. First, how small a place the world really is. Yeah, there are differences here. But when it comes to the blues, it's the same here as back in the States - people love good Blues music!

I'm also just that much more fired up about what a great scene we have in the DFW area. I've been working hard to get the word out about KNON, and know we have gained lots of new listeners from my trip. That's good for my tiny ego (!), KNON and most importantly, all of the fabulous Blueswomen and Bluesmen I play weekly on Big Texas Blues.

Now that I have experinced first hand the amazingly welcoming reaction here to my personal Texas Style blues, my mind is just zooming about all the fabulous artists at home that should be making this trip themselves! If the blues lovers here could just see and hear for themselves the soulful blues of Andrea Dawson, Joe Jonas and Jackie Don Loe! If they could witness the power of Cheryl Arena, Kerri LePai and Miss Marcy! I know some of the local artists are already hooked into the European scene, but so many aren't that should be!

So you can count on my hitting the ground running when I get back to Dallas. As Jackie Don says "It's time to get our kicks in 2006!" And that's just the start!

And right here I really need to give a huge, HUGE "Thank You" to Son Henry for opening my eyes and making my dreams come true. For over a dozen years now you have encouraged, enlightened and empowered me. My debt to you is imeasurable. Thank you, my friend. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Yesterday was 4th of July. As you can imagine, they don't celebrate that here in the British Isles. Last year, I made quite a joke out of that to Son Henry, who was spending his first 4th of July in Scotland. And this year, I'm here with him. Anyone think that is an accident?

So yesterday Son took the day off and he, his drummer from Alaska, John Clark, Johns wife Marietta and I went to see some real Scottish castles!

The first one was a castle in ruins, Dunottar Castle. It was a lovely, huge place, accessable by a VERY long winding set of steps up and down from the main road. (Those of you who told me to bring sturdy shoes and prepare to do alot of walking were right on the money - I think I've walked more here in the last 7 days than I have in the last 6 months in Dallas!) The castle ruins are high on a cliff over looking the North Sea. Mel Gibson filmed "Hamlet" on the battlements here. You can see pictures and check out the castles history at

After that inspiring and beautiful but exhausting walk, we drove into the charming small fishing village up the road and had fish and chips on the patio facing the harbor of a great little pub. Now HERE'S a life I could get used to living!

After eating we proceeded by car to Drum Castle. The main tower of Drum Castle is believed to be among the oldest of structural remains in Scotland. The castle was built in sections, and today is part residence and part furnished and refurbished museum like tour (the last Laird lived in the family part of the castle until his death in 1975. The oldest part of the castle, the main tower, is mostly untouched, but visitable. Drum Castle is also surrounded by beautiful gardens. You can see more about it at

Everyone here is out doing thier own thing today, so I'm going to take a walk into downtown Aberdeen in search of a new pair of walking shoes - the brand new pair I bought for the trip have already started coming apart! Son's wife Carolina drew me a map last night and pointed out some sites of interest I will be in the vacinity of. Hopefully I can do a little gift shopping while I'm out.

And should I get lost, I'm sure I'll be able to find myself a cute and helpful Scotsman to help me find my way!

Monday, July 03, 2006


Greetings from Aberdeen, Scotland. I had some pretty big expectations upon my arrival, since this is the trip I've always wanted to take, and I have to say, I have not been disappointed at all in anything! The views of the countryside are spectacular, the people are very warm and friendly (especially the men who are just adorable!), and my shows have been VERY well received. The Dundee Blues Bonanza is a huge event, and literally on every corner there's a poster for the event with my name on it! How cool is that - they're everywhere!! And I'm not even going to pretend I didn't get a constant buzz from it all - I am on cloud nine! Wooo-hooo!!!

As a bonus, I saw lots of men in kilts! Once passing a church where the ladies were entering for a wedding with thier very British hats and the men were decked out in thier finest dress tarten kilts. And again, in the main town square where a kilted Scottish bagpipe and drumm band were doing an outdoor performance.

I didn't get to meet as many of the local musicians at the festival as I would have liked, due to time restraints. Thursday night before heading for Dundee, I did see a really amazing one man band kind of act, a guitarist based here in Aberdeen named Gerry Jablonsky. He's a very skilled and innovative guitarist, but, ladies, well, you know how I like Eye Candy! And this guy is just gorgeous! (Hey, I still respect him as a musician!)

On Friday night we played the Bonanza opening event, "International Night" at The Marquee Club. My set with Son Henry ended the show, and we played to a packed house of very appreciative blues fans. What a blast! I just don't get enough chances to play with Son these days, so every time it's a treat for me. His band here are all great musicians and really nice guys as well.

The Scottish band "Lazy Poker" did a great job playing for me on Sunday when Son Henry got sick and had to go back to Aberdeen early. So yeah, I traveled 4,448 miles and played with a band I'd never even sat eyes on before! I was worried that Son was feeling so bad, because he NEVER misses a gig. (Looks like it was a 24 hour bug of some kind - he's alright now,) But the show ended up still being cool and lots of fun. Really now, how upset do you think I could be - I'm in Scotland for God's sake with all these lovely, lovely Scottish men! This is hands down the happiest I've been in a very long time! Son Henry's guitarist Dave also stayed and played with me since he had learned the songs. Other than a few tiny bumps, the show went off without a hitch!

Dundee itself is a lovely city with really interesting old buildings and lots of lovely little shops lining the streets. Coming in from Aberdeen, I took a double decker bus (and sat at upstairs at the front) ang going back I rode the ScotRail train. On both trips, my view of the country side was amazing!

So there's your first report. I've got a little over a week to go, so I'm sure there will be more stories to come! (And no, I haven't been arrested. Yet.)