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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Amanda, the World Traveler

Many of you who attend KNON events or listen to my radio show are familiar with my niece and sometimes co-host, Miss Amanda. Well, currently the UT Arlington Junior (who has a 4.0 average - yes, I'm bragging, but that girl is kicking butt!) is in London, England for 6 weeks, where she was accepted into a study program at the University of Middlesex. What do you wear when you're shopping at Harrod's in London on a Thursday afternoon while back in the States your aunt hosts Big Texas Blues? Well, your KNON t-shirt of course - the same one you wore on the plane so it would be what you were wearing when you arrived at Heathrow Airport! Go Amanda, GO!!!

This weekend, the KNON t-shirt goes to Paris, France, and before she comes home in August, it's going to Stonehenge! I only wish MY KNON t-shirts were so well traveled...

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