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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 The Necro Tonz are one of my all time favorite bands from anywhere of any genre, so you can imagine how distressed I was when they broke up, right around the time of my divorce. The divorce = good thing, but the demise of The Necro Tonz? = Very,Very bad!! Guess which one I cried the most over? I mean come on, marriages come and go, but bands this stunning are a once in a lifetime cosmic happening!

So I was thrilled beyond belief when they agreed to reunite to celebrate the 13th Anniversary of my KNON 89.3 FM Radio Show BIG TEXAS BLUES on the most fitting of nights, All Hallows Eve!!! If you have been a listener to BTB for any number of years, you know I ALWAYS play some NECRO TONZ on the show closest to Halloween, and now is YOUR chance to see them, well, for the lack of a better phrase, live! Don't know if they'll ever allow themselves to be dug up again and thrust into the spotlight, so trust me. Absolutely impossible to describe in mere words, THE NECRO TONZ are a band you have to see for yourself. If you're thinking from the pictures they are all shtick, you are so WRONG! As well as being unbelievably entertaining, they are top-notch world-class musicians and Necrophillia, The Diva of the Dead is the coolest chicka you'll ever meet with an rightgeous set of pipes! 

And to add to the incredibleness of the evening, the talented, versatile and absolutely undeniably awesome Holland K Smith will be making a one time appearance as Howlin' K Smith & the Royal Zombies performing a tribute to Screamin' Jay Hawkins!!!!

Trust me, my Cheeky Little Monkeys YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!!!! So suit up in your best costume (or come as you are - that may be costume enough, and plenty scary to boot) on Wednesday, October 31st at La Grange in Deep Ellum and celebrate the Lucky 13th Anniversary of Big Texas Blues with me BLUE LISA, HOWLIN' K SMITH & THE ROYAL ZOMBIES and THE NECRO TONZ! More info and tickets at

And if you'd like an advance glimpse of The Necro Tonz, go to and search "Necro Tonz" (Thanks Smilin' Jack the Ripper for that tip.)

It's spooky fun for grown ups. What else are you going to do on Halloween? If you go out trick or treating with the kiddies, you're liable to get arrested on suspicion of being some kind of pervert. (Which you may indeed be, but let's not go into psychoanalysis now, I haven't the time.)

And oh, how very, very sad you will be if you miss it! SO DON'T!

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