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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


My Daddy - April 22, 1942 - September 29, 2014

My father passed away, unexpectedly but peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of Monday, September 29th. They say a girls first love is her Daddy, and that was certainly the case with me. Although we didn't share the same views on a lot of things (music, politics, a woman's place in this world, whether your daughter should drop out of college and go on the road with a rock band :>) ) we shared many many more  - the necessity of being a decent person, having pride in your work and most importantly living your life in a way that makes it possible to face yourself in the mirror every day and know you have done your best to do the right thing. And although he didn't share my radically emancipated views, he never belittled them or me about them. Both he and my Mom always encouraged me to believe in myself. What an incredible gift!

My Dad was not a famous man or a perfect man, but he was a good man. A decent man. A man who loved, supported, was faithful to and took care of his family. A man you could depend on to do what he said he would. He was a VERY good automotive mechanic, but could fix just about anything.  He didn't golf, or fish or drink or smoke, or go to bars (except to see me play -  what a bad influence I am!) or have any hobbies: he worked. He worked long, hard, greasy hours in the boiling heat and the freezing cold to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads. He battled diabetes for many years, survived 2 bouts of colon cancer and in the last few years of his life developed Parkinson's. I think the Parkinson's and the shaking of his hands that made him unable to work was the hardest for him.  When nature takes away your ability to do what you love, that is the cruelest blow of all.

My Mom says when she and my Dad were dating, he once said "I don't want any snotty nosed kids." And then they had me. That must not have been too bad, because then they had three more. And stayed married for 51 years - quite the accomplishment in this day and age when people marry with no real sense of commitment and then divorce at the first sign of trouble. As I get older and hear horror stories about other peoples families and childhoods, I am immensely thankful that both of my parents took very good care of me, and have always loved me unconditionally.

As a teenager, my Dad and I fought. I mean FOUGHT. I once told him in the heat of an argument "If you didn't want to have hard-headed kids, then YOU shouldn't have had any kids."  He had a temper, and I definately inherited it. And you know what? I'm fine with that. Sometimes it annoys people, but it really comes in handy when I need to stick up for myself. Having a temper and being stubborn will get you through more in life than you might realize.

But those years of fighting were long since over, and I have no regrets. I know my Daddy loved me. And I loved him, and know he knew I loved him.

And when you get to the end of the story, that's all that matters.

Today I am a little older and a little sadder. But I'm stubborn and hard headed, and I'll get through.

Thanks Daddy.


Thursday, October 23
Pete Barbeck Jam - The Goat – Dallas (9:30p-1:30a)
Jason Cloud – The Pig - Dallas
The Cliff Blues Band – El Corazon de Tejas – Oak Cliff (6:30p – 10:30p)
Blues, Bikes & Burgers Jam hosted by Lance Lopez – Hat Tricks – Lewisville (7:30p-11:30p)
North Texas All Stars - Tavern on Main Street – Richardson
Mark Sena Blues Jam – Cadillac Pizza Pub – McKinney (8p-12a)
Michael Lee Band – bar Louie – Arlington (10p-2a)
The Silvertones – Michael’s Tobacco – Lewisville (8p-12a)
Blues Jam w/Little Bennie Band - Mambo’s Cantina – Ft Worth (8p-12a)
Blues Jam w/Andrew “Jr Boy” Jones - Keys Lounge – Ft Worth (9p-1a)

Friday, October 24
Jason Cloud – The Goat – Dallas (9p-1a)
Miss Marcy & Her Texas Sugar Daddy’s – Red Hot & Blue BBQ – Dallas (7p-10p)
Kenny Traylor – Babbs Brothers BBQ – Dallas (7p-10p)
Blues Against Breast Cancer Benefit with Smokin Joe Kubeck 7 B’nois King, Will Matthews & Friends & The Silvertones – Poor David’s Pub - Dallas
Michael Lee Band – Stumpy’s Blues Bar – Arlington (9:30p-1:30a)

Saturday, October 25
Michael Lee Band – Babbs Brothers BBQ – Dallas (7p-10p)
Andrew “Jr Boy” Jones & Kerri LePai Jam– Skyline Blues Bar, Sterling Hotel – Dallas (9p-1a)
Jason Cloud Band – Brick Tavern – Sachse (9p-1a)
Lenno Summers – Splitsville – Fairview (8:30p-11:30p)
Holland K Smith – El Gabacho Tex Mex Grill – Arlington (6p-9p)
John Nemeth – Keys Lounge – Ft Worth (9:30p-1:30a)
Jason Elmore & Hoodoo Witch - Mambo’s Cantina – Ft Worth (8p-12a)

Sunday, October 26
Jackie Don Loe Blues Happening – Nate’s Seafood – Addison 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm (Or whenever Jackie Don finally gets tired)
Topcat Jam – Tailgators – Addison (9p-1a)
Jam with Jerry Clark – Keys Lounge – Ft Worth (7p-11p)

Michael J Dohoney & the Westsiders – Eddie V’s – Ft Worth (6p-10p)
Monday, October 27
Tony DeCiccio & Perry Jones Jam - The Goat – Dallas (9:30p-1:30a)
Michael J Dohoney & the Westsiders – Eddie V's – Dallas (6p-10p)
Jason Cloud Jam – Belize’s Bar – Dallas (9p-12a)

Tuesday, October 28
Miss Marcy & Her Texas Sugar Daddy’s – Balcony Club – Dallas (7p-9p)
Aaron Burtons Delta Blues Jam – The Goat – Dallas (10p-2p)
Luce Change Blues Jam – Oak Cliff Social Club – Oak Cliff (8:30p-11:30p)
Michael J Dohoney & the Westsiders – Eddie V’s – Ft Worth (6:30p-10:30p)

Wednesday, October 29
Kenny Chavez Jam – Stroker’s Icehouse – Dallas
Jason Cloud Jam – O’Riley’s – Dallas (9p-12a)
Mark Newman’s Friends & Fam Jam – Charlie’s Sports Bar & Grill – Dallas (7p-11p)
Hash Brown Jam – Track Bar & Grill – Rowlett (7p-11p)
Michael J Dohoney & the Westsiders – Eddie V’s – Ft Worth (6:30p-10:30p)
Cornbread w/Danny Ross & Friends – Keys Lounge – Ft Worth (9p-1a)

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