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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Very Well Put

The following is part of the weekly gig e-mail that my friend Cheryl Arena put out this week. I really agree with what she had to say.


All I can say is I feel lucky to be alive and well..this past week has been a shocker losing two great people who were dedicated to promoting Blues music and Blues musicians..that being Teo Leosmeyer (former keyboard player with Johnny Copeland and booker for the original House of Blues in Cambridge Mass.) who passed away last week at the age of 58 and then today hearing about Clifford Antone who was also in his 50's and I'm sure you all know who he was and how much he contributed to trying to keep the Blues's so sad and shocking.
I feel on the one hand kind of tacky telling ya'll my gigs for this week but then on the other hand I feel like that's what I do and I do it because I truly love this music and I want to share it with as many people as I can and carry it on...for as long as I'm living and breathing on this earth. Life is so precious and short and I feel blessed to have the gift of music to share that's why I play as much as possible..not just my gigs but the jams around town..there is so much talent down here and I hope that ya'll get out and hear some Blues this weekend..not just my gigs but any of the many gifted musicians in DFW.
KNON's Don O. has a website with all kinds of listings..Joanna has listings in Southwest Blues Magazine ...KNON's Blue Lisa tells ya every Thursday morning around 11am what's happening around town... please get out and support the Blues.

That I think is the best way to honor these two fine gentlemen.

Listen to KNON!!! Support the Blues!

There USE to be Blues on the radio all the time in Boston..but not anymore..there wasn't enough support for it and it dwindled from every day and night for many hours,on several college stations, to once or twice a week on a few stations for a few short 1-2 hour shows. There USE to be alot of Blues clubs up in New England but not anymore...that's what happens when people don't go out and support live music...please don't let that happen here...I love it here and I wanna stay here.
Peace & Love,

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